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Back to Manila via Tokyo on Northwest

Arriving in Narita [Narita-travel-guide-283388], we landed in rainy weather. I had a few hours to connect with my flight to Manila, which leaves Tokyo [Tokyo-travel-guide-285666] late afternoon and arrived in Manila a little before midnight.

The plane back to Manila is usually a 747-400. These are the flights that originate out of Detroit or Minneapolis. By the time I boarded in Tokyo there were already a lot of Filipinos on board, usually balikbayans(literally translated "returning to town") or those who went to the States on summer vacation (summer is April and May in the Philippines).


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Back to Manila via Tokyo on Northwest

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large_1840343_13542054668524.jpgentrance to Portland Airport (PDX)Finally, after three nights in Seattle and Portland, it was time to go home. I hailed a cab back to the airport. I recall that the cab was an old Ford Crown Victoria which used to be a police car. The driver said that after its usefulness as a police car, it was converted into a taxi. He said it had logged over 100,000 miles.

Entering the Portland airport (PDX) was relatively a breeze - nothing unusual or spectacular, thus not as memorable. One of the shops I remember quite well was the coffee shop named Coffee People inside the terminal, their baristas were carrying on a lively conversation between themselves and their customers.

PDX had a few art displays, I managed to take a photo of one such display.

The plane was another Airbus A330. Nothing eventful, I must have slept for quite some time on the flight.


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Business in Portland

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Most of this day was spent on work. Did some walking around the Southwest section of Portland [Portland-travel-guide-97957].

In the evening I strolled around the buildings and park near the hotel. I didn't go far, mostly around SW Broadway and SW Main St. Passed by the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, Anne Schnitzer Concert Hall, Newmark Theater, Brunish Hall, Portland Art Museum, First Congregational United Church of Christ, and the area near the Shemanski Fountain. I like lingering and walking around areas like these, even at night. The peaceful and quiet environment is very relaxing after a hard day's work.

Had to head back to the hotel early because I would be flying back to Manila via Tokyo the following day.


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A day walking by the river and parks in Portland

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large_1840343_13540290516339.jpgAfter meeting with another of my client's teams, we had drinks and dinner at Jake's Famous Crawfish, a restaurant which has been a Portland landmark since 1892. Earlier in the day I had an opportunity to try out the Portland Tri-Met train, which was free provided you rode within the boundaries of downtown that were defined. I loved the architecture of pre-20th century buildings in some parts of downtown. It was great weather back then (meaning no rain), so we decided to walk from one end of town (where Jake's was) back to the hotel. It took less than 30 minutes to walk a couple of miles, probably even less.

Portland is divided by a confluence of two rivers,the Willamette and Columbia. There are a number of bridges along the Willamette River, and I took a few photos of these. They have a nice park alongside the river, which makes for a great afternoon stroll, starting from the Willamette River Greenway Trail near the Broadway Bridge across the Portland Trailblazers Stadium, continuing past Steel Bridge, Burnside Bridge, Oregon Maritime Museum, Morrison Bridge, and ending near the Riverplace Marina, just after the Hawthorne Bridge.


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Business presentation and then off to Portland

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large_1840343_13540290478398.jpgFlight details: AS2295Q200DepArrSEAPDX 500 miles

After my first full night on this trip, I had to wake up early in order to meet my colleagues before we traveled to our client's headquarters in Redmond. No need to mention who they are, but they pretty much "own" the town. We got a bit lost going around the rice roads in Redmond, until we finally reached the building which was our destination, and met up with my client. We had our business presentation and had meals at their cafeteria. The nice thing about towns like Redmond is that you have lots of greenery compared to the concrete jungle of downtown Seattle.

Immediately after lunch, my client C.W. and I had to rush to the SeaTac airport in order to catch our flight to Portland, OR.large_1840343_13540290486519.jpg I hitched a ride with him in his rental car, and had close to an hour's drive going to the airport.

Our flight into Portland was on a Horizon Air Bombadier Q200 turboprop, and I was seated right in the row across the propeller. Never mind entertaining weird thoughts at this stage, I had to grin and bear the propeller noise on the less than an hour flight to Portland. Quite amusing, I must say. Never was bored throughout the flight.

Upon arriving in Portland Airport, we took another rental car and drove into downtown and checked in at the Heathman Hotel. This is C.W.'s favorite hotel there, and he said that they offer three choices for the bed. Hmmm...I went with his recommendation (actually I forgot what the options were but who can't refuse a client's recommendation, knowing he is there frequently?)


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